EVERSTAFF is successful in identifying opportunities for individuals with set requirements.

We enjoy a high success rate due to the in-depth process we conduct with our candidates, enabling us to learn their short and long term career goals. Below is information explaining our process of finding that next great opportunity for you.

EVERSTAFF offers several options to initiate the job search process. A staffing executive is available during standard business hours. Our website (www.EverStaff.com) can be accessed 24 hours a day. You can submit your resume through a variety of media; we accept resumes through mail, fax, or e-mail. We follow-up on all resumes immediately.

A staffing executive will review your information and will schedule a time to conduct an initial interview, explaining our process and introducing our organization. We strive to fully understand your job requirements and career goals, thus enabling us to conduct a successful search.

EVERSTAFF's agents take an active role in every step of your job search. Using your provided requirements, EVERSTAFF will conduct a customized search. As soon as we identify a match, we will contact you and provide you with pertinent facts. This will include information about the company, job responsibilities, benefits, and any other information you request.

If you are interested in the position, EVERSTAFF will submit your profile to our client for consideration. We know every job is not going to appeal to you, which is why we continually work to satisfy you in your field of choice.

EVERSTAFF will then schedule an initial interview. This interview may take place at the employer's location or off site. After the interview, a staffing executive will follow up to answer any questions.

Upon successful placement, a staffing executive will continue to follow up with you to make sure the job meets your expectations. EVERSTAFF is there to guide you through the adjustment period and to provide resources to help you succeed.


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