We realize that your job requirements may vary. EVERSTAFF strives to find you the best opportunity to fit your current needs.

Permanent Positions:

We will conduct customized career searches to match your job requirements.

If you are interested in improving your career we will connect you to employers for consideration in their permanent openings. EVERSTAFF has a vast network of connections in many industries, and will match you with the job position that best fits. EVERSTAFF's services are always free to you; the employers cover the fee.

Temporary to Direct Hire:

Start out in a temporary position with the option to become a full-time employee.

Try the position first-hand before you make a long-term commitment. While we provide you with a salary and access to benefits throughout the term of your employment, you will have an opportunity to get to know the employer and the culture. Often this will lead to an informed career path and job that suits your lifestyle.

Temporary Opportunities:

Temporary opportunities do not require as much commitment as a full-time, permanent position.

Keep your skills sharp and broaden your experience while you are between permanent jobs. Temporary positions allow you flexibility in your work schedule. Try out a new career, a new employer or a new industry before you settle on a permanent position.

Long-term and Contract Jobs:

Enjoy stable employment without the pressure of finding a permanent job.

Many of the temporary positions last six months or longer. As an independent contractor you will have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio while enjoying the security of having work on a weekly basis. If you like taking on different projects--but still want flexibility--we can offer you opportunities at this level.


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